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Between October 27th - November 3rd we'll be selling raffle tickets to give you a chance to in every single product we have in stock, in your size. On November 4th at 8pm Eastern Time, we'll be going live on our Instagram to announce the winner. We'll also be doing a little Q & A to give all of you to ask us any questions you'd like. 

Everyone has a fair chance as a name generator will pick the winner. Raffle tickets will be evenly mixed in to give everyone a better chance at winning.

Winning Breakdown:

First Place Winner - Will receive every single product in their size. (We'll ask for your size via dm/email.)

Second Place Winner - Will receive any two products of their choice!

Third Place Winner - Will receive one product of their choice.

Everyone else who purchases will be given a special discount code to use between November 5th and November 8th.

Good luck!


-Purchasing this entry does not guarantee you will win. Winners will be announced live/ called and emailed. The winner will randomly be selected by our automated generator. By purchasing this product, you agree to our terms & conditions and acknowledge your purchase of an entry, may not guarantee you a product in return. All entries WILL receive a discount code of up to 50% for use. You will not be charged for shipping.


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